Junior/Cadet Events

The Commonwealth Fencing Junior Championships are for fencers under the age of 20. The inaugural event was held in 2006.

The Commonwealth Fencing Cadet Championships are for fencers under the age of 17. The inaugural event will be held in 2015 (in combination with the Junior Championships).

These events will be held every three years.

Upcoming Championships

2015 - South Africa

The 2015 Junior and Cadet Championships will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. See the official website.

The event is scheduled for:

  • Registration: 20 May 2015
  • Competition Dates: 11 - 17 July 2015

Entry fees for the event are:

  • Individual GBP 55.00
  • Team GBP 165.00
  • Referee levy will be advised shortly.

Urgent technical bulletin

Epee fencers should read the urgent technical bulletin (issued 18 June 2015, and updated 24 June 2015) dealing with the recent decision to disallow use of certain blades. Affected fencers will have to make the necessary arrangements quickly to buy new blades in time for the event.

This bulletin was UPDATED on24 June, and again on 29 June, with more specific information about the banned Leon Paul epee blades.

Download urgent technical bulletin (.pdf document) Urgent technical bulletin

Refereeing levy

As all of you are aware, delegations attending CFF formal Championships need no longer supply referees according to the number of fencers they have registered. The CFF now invites and provides top-level referees, both from Commonwealth nations and other FIE nations, and has done so successfully for a number of years now.

This program is subsidized by claiming a refereeing levy from participating federations, based on the number of entries they have submitted. The Executive Committee of the CFF has approved a levy of £47 per individual (not team) entry in the case of the upcoming Junior-Cadet Championships in Cape Town, South Africa. Please note that the organizers will be collecting this levy on behalf of the CFF.

Important travel information

Anyone planning to travel to South Africa for the Championships should read the below travel information - especially the requirements for minors travelling in and out of South Africa:

Download important travel information (.pdf document) Important travel information


Entry form

Download entry form (.xlsx document)Entry form (.xlx version)

Download entry form (.pdf document) Entry form (.pdf version)



A number of documents relating to the event are available for download:

Download timetable (.pdf document) Timetable (UPDATED 5 July)

Download accommodation information (.pdf document) Accommodation information

Download airport transfer information (.pdf document) Airport transfers

Download tourist information (.pdf document) Tourist information

Download technical information bulletin 1 (.pdf document) Technical information bulletin 1

Download technical information bulletin 2 (.pdf document) Technical information bulletin 2

Download technical information bulletin 3 (.pdf document) Technical information bulletin 3